[UAV] Data Inspection on PIX4Dmapper

Sry Handini Puteri
5 min readDec 19, 2022

There are two software that is commonly used for aerial data processing, which are PIX4Dmapper and Agisoft. PIX4Dmapper is the software that is easy to use, intuitive, and a very common-to-use for drone application. The increasing number of the dataset acquired from drone makes it relevant to use the software. The image derived from drone has a high resolution. To process the acquired data, PIX4Dmapper enables the processing of hundreds of data in a swift manner. I am not really into Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) stuff, so this is my first experience in processing the drone data. Here are the steps I documented.

  1. Inspect the data (image)

After installing the software, I am trying to process the data using the prepared dataset. Before processing the data, it is always necessary to inspect the data. The recorded image has to have location, or called as georeferenced image. Otherwise, we have to manually georeferenced the data before the processing time. The way to see the referenced image is by clicking the properties of the image, go to ‘Details’ tab, and see the GPS section. Information of latitude, longitude, and altitude of the image will be displayed.

Georeferenced image properties

2. Start the data processing

After inspecting the data , click the New Project. Fill in the name of the project and click next.

Homepage of PIX4Dmapper
Click New Project and click next

At least 3 images in JPG or TIFF format are required. This also means that the accepted image format in PIX4Dmapper is only JPG/JPEG and TIFF. Click Add Images and search images in our computer directory. After the image is loaded, click next.

The system will automatically detect the coordinate system. In the example of my data, the image is using WGS 1984 datum. Further, the system also recognize the latitude [deg], the longitude [deg], altitude, horizontal…



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