[UAV] How to Install the Pix4D

Sry Handini Puteri
3 min readDec 13, 2022

The usage of Unmanned Aerial Photography (UAV) as a platform for multiple image collection is on the rise. Those recorded image contains tons of information. The information can be used for multiple purpose in different sectors, such as agriculture, disaster, forestry and many more. In optimizing the usage of the data, there is a software to process the aerial image data called Pix4D. It is a drone mapping & photogrammetry software tools with a flight app, desktop, and cloud platforms (https://www.pix4d.com/).

The software has two modes. The first one is a “Discovery Mode” for free, unlimited processing, but limited outputs. The second mode is the Pix4Dmapper with license.

The steps to download:

  1. Go to https://www.pix4d.com/download-software

Go to the link and click download for Pix4Dmapper. Click download for Windows if you are using Windows. The size of the file is around 425 MB with .msi format. Then open the installer.

Download home page

2. Install the software

Proceed the installation. There are cases where you are directed to their website and you need to create a new account. Register your email, username and follow the activation link that is sent to your inbox. After that, you may directly login to Pix4Dmapper by entering the licenses. In my case, I am using my educational license.

Pix4Dmapper login window

3. Try the demo of the project

Once the installation is finished, there will be a homepage where we can choose the new project, open project, or exploring the demo of the software. In this case, I am choosing for the demo project.

Pix4Dmapper homepage

Before going through, it is also best to see the documentation of the software in this Getting Started Index link.

In the demo page, the software is giving us the dataset to try. Try to explore on the available dataset.

Demo page for Pix4Dmapper

From the demo, the blue+ button is the GCP, the red-dot button is the image that was taken by the UAV.



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